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CAE simulator

Aerospace / Transportation

Laflamme Engineering has realized large-scale projects for well-known customers in the Aerospace and transportation industries. Recognized for its FEA expertise and its practical structural design abilities, our engineering firm has won the trust of large corporations. Here are some examples of large-scale projects realized by our team:

Flight simulators

Laflamme Engineering has collaborated to develop new-generation simulators by designing and analyzing simulator structures.

Aircraft parts

Laflamme Engineering has participated in aircraft-part development by analysing composite parts of commercial aircrafts.

Train parts

Laflamme Engineering has participated in composite train-part development by analysing structural parts for subways and commuter-train cars.

Helicopter parts

Laflamme Engineering has designed and analyzed many helicopter parts, including main rotor blades and rotor parts.Lifting frame





Lifting Devices / Industrial

Laflamme Engineering is active in the industrial sector. Our engineering firm stands out as a leader in design and certification of lifting devices. Many standards related to the health and safety of workers apply to lifting devices. Here are some achievements of Laflamme Engineering in the industrial sector, including lifting devices:

PlateformeCustom Lifting Devices

Laflamme Engineering works regularly with industrial customers in order to design and certify custom lifting and handling devices. Usually we work closely with our customers' technical staff so the desired function of the equipment is fully realized. We develop sound designs, easy and cheap to certify. We always make sure that our designs will last.

Industrial structures

Laflamme Engineering has designed and/or certified many industrial structures such as:

Mechanical Design/Modifications

Laflamme Engineering has designed many machine parts and performed numerous machine modifications.





Tank pressureEnergy

Laflamme Engineering is active in the energy sector. Our firm possesses all the expertise required to develop structures and equipment, as well as the tools required for installation and repair of that equipment.

Petroleum tanks

Laflamme Engineering analyzes and performs all the calculations for petroleum tank structures, including the floating roof. Non-linear analyses are used in order to have uniform load distribution on structural elements. Those elements are also validated according to API-650 and CAN/CSA-S16 standards.

Electrical tower parts

Laflamme Engineering has collaborated in electrical tower-part development by analysing and designing many structural parts.AEF eolienne

Wind turbine blades

Laflamme Engineering has put to good use its expertise in composite material in order to analyse wind turbine blades.

Temporary structures and lifting devices

In the energy sector, installation and repair of equipment require special lifting devices and temporary structures. Laflamme Engineering has utilized its design expertise, as well as its sense of practicality, in order to design and certify special equipment meeting the needs of the customer. For example:





Mining / Heavy Equipment

The mining sector requires proven designs, able to sustain heavy loads in harsh conditions. That is why Laflamme Engineering realizes calculations, analyses and certifications in order to design or modify heavy equipment with the appropriate fatigue life demanded by our customers.

Heavy Machinery Parts

Laflamme Engineering has designed and modified heavy machinery parts like lifting hooks, buckets and excavator arms. This type of work requires a careful approach in order to not affect the fatigue life of existing components.

Lifting jackCasing Jacks

Laflamme Engineering designs and certifies casing jacks used for the drilling of oil wells.

Handling Equipment: Heavy Industry

Maintenance and repair of heavy equipment demand custom equipment that needs to be designed in conformity with the applicable standards. Laflamme Engineering has designed many heavy-load handling equipments.

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