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Aerospace Tooling

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Our firm offers you a full range of services, from the design to the manufacture of your aerospace tooling:

Custom Stand;
Specialized Dollys and Trolleys;
Lifting Beams;
Assembly jigs;

Our expertise

Once again, our team's skills and dedication take centre stage, because this type of project requires a good blend of practicality, structural design and utilization of advanced design tools.

We assist our customers so that all the necessary steps involved in the development are realized according to the correct standard. From your specified functionalities, we can perform all or some of these steps required for the development of your equipment:

3D models;
Calculations and certification;
Approved drawings;
Manufacturing (including approved nameplate);
Engineering report;
Writing of an inspection form;
Load tests and test report.

Our added value

Our facilities allow us to develop under one roof your approved and complete solution, from engineering to manufacturing. We have also developed FEA integrated tools and automated spreadsheets in order to do the job promptly. Each element (member, weld, bolt, ...) has to be calculated and validated according to standards. Our tools, combined with our low-cost structure, are sure to offer you competitive prices.

With Laflamme Engineering, through our thorough calculations and analyses, your aerospace tooling are guaranteed to meet your standards; moreover, and just as importantly, we offer you practical solutions.

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Print : January 27, 2022