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The brothers David and Enrick Laflamme grew up among gyroplane parts of all kinds. Indeed, their father Réjean, a brilliant inventor with a passion for aviation, rebuilt two gyrocopters in the 70s and 80s: a McMulloch Super J-2 and an Air&Space 18A (formerly known as an Umbaught U-18). In the early 80s, he also sketched a new helicopter concept that would result in the first Laflamme helicopter: the LAF-01, a tandem rotor helicopter designed for the homebuilt market. A first prototype was developed from 1983 to 1996. During those years, Réjean also operated a company specialized in machining and robotics.

Growing up in this stimulating environment, both brothers undertook graduate studies in mechanical engineering. David was promoted from the university (ÉTS in Montréal) in 2002, then Enrick graduated from the same university, also in mechanical engineering with a concentration in aviation, in 2004.

While his boys were in school, Réjean and his team, including engineer André Dubois, continued to develop the manufacturing techniques and processes required for composite blades and fuselage. They also analysed and modified many components from the first prototype to finally obtain a second prototype in the early 2000s. David came back from the university in 2002 and joined the team, as did Enrick during his training courses and after graduating.

Entrepreneurs from father to sons, David and Enrick also founded a mechanical engineering firm in 2004. Ever since, backed by engineer André Dubois, they offer their customers what they do best: Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and mechanical design. Year after year, the engineering firm keeps building a strong reputation; the two brothers have gained the trust of well-recognized companies while developing new niches, including certification of lifting devices. At the same time, they have also continued development of new concepts and processes in the helicopter sector.

In 2013 the Laflamme brothers, always supported by their father Réjean and engineer André Dubois, set up the LX300 program in order to develop and manufacture an unmanned air system using a tandem rotor helicopter platform. You can follow this project in the LX300 tab of this website.

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Print : November 27, 2021